Saturday, May 12, 2012

Parties, Projects and Plants 2- Funky, Cheap Curtain Tie-Backs

I am a cheapskate at heart, in case you haven't gleaned that little pearl of wisdom by now. I'm also always looking for ways to spruce up the ranch. We have a double window in the dining room and some basic curtains. Since the window is so wide we needed 4 panels to cover it completely without looking cheap. A few weeks ago I shortened the curtains but at that length I couldn't knot them anymore to hold them back. As I'm staring into the silverware drawer for the millionth time I spy the meat fork. Don't ask me what utensil I was actively looking for, that issue was gone in my flash of brilliance and new project idea. I decided I could bend a serving spoon and fork and use those for curtain tie backs!

Sweetheart wasn't keen on this idea until I told her I would not be using the serving pieces out of the silverware set she bought me for Christmas a few years ago. If this sounds crazy, stick with me.

Off I went to Salvation Army where they have all their silverware in bins (supposedly) sorted by knives, spoons, forks and other utensils. After some digging I found my pair. They weren't a matched set but they did play nicely with each other. My fork was a bit thicker and required some muscle. Thinner is faster unless you have a vice, anvil and hammer at the ready. (More on that in a minute)

The first step, after you've found your silverware, is to drill holes roughly in the center of each handle end. Hold your pieces up to your window frame and mark the spot for the hole. A drill press would be fabulous for this but if you don't have that (I didn't), make a small indentation with a punch and use your drill with a metal bit to slowly drill a hole.
You can see the spoon bent nicely but the fork only wanted
to bend in one spot. It took some patience.

Next it's time to bend the silverware. My spoon bent much more easily around a piece of PVC pipe but it was so much thinner. My fork had to go home to my dad who bent it with a vice and over an anvil. Both of these turned out just a bit more curved than 90 degrees.

Next mark a hole in your  window trim where you want the silverware to go and pre-drill. (This is important or you could easily split your trim.) Screw down your silverware.

Pull back your curtains!

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