My Story

Hi! That's me up there. I'm Ashley, a girl who always has a project, recipe or idea. I share a "vintage" mid-century home with my partner, our cocker spaniel Max and two wonderful kitties, Sadie and Charlie. We bought a work-in-progress house with great bones in a quiet neighborhood of Kansas City and spend our free time updating and breaking in the place to make it a home.

Max Sadie Charlie

In my other life I've been a manager of volunteers for teens and two animal organizations on different ends of the spectrum. I learned a lot about where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. Along the way I've also learned I'm pretty darn creative and love repurposing things. I'm the girl at the hardware store who's constantly challenging the statement "not its intended use". The potential of things is what thrills me, whether it's the dinner from random ingredients in my house to raw building materials and freebie finds off the internet.This blog is partly a record of my projects, whether completed or in progress, my life and loves. It is also a challenge to me to get back to my roots and write on a consistent basis. I hope you're inspired to learn some new things, since I inevitably will, and to share the creativity in your own life. Thanks for stopping by!

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