Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Picture Background

I realized that I'm bad at taking pictures, even with sweeties beautiful camera. I'm forever clearing off something just so you won't see the clutter that surrounds my genius. I decided I needed a nice, consistent background so I decided to create one. Here's the result (disregard the fork and spoon, I'm using them for a future project).

Here's the process:

First I created the frame out of 1/2 inch pvc
7 pieces of 16" long pvc,
4 corner pieces
2 corner w/outlet pieces
2 pieces of fabric the length of the pipe doubled plus 3 inches x width +1 (32 inch fabric +4 inches x 15+1)
2 pieces of batting (if desired cut to the dimensions of the finished fabric).
Dual Duty thread

At this point ask the folks at your hardware store if you need help finding PVC pipe and joints. Mine are always in the plumbing department. Disregard any evil eyes or lectures about "not it's intended use". All my joints were slip joints. You should be able to get all the pieces out of one 10' stick of PVC. Put them together forming a corner shape.
Casings created and quilting marked
Each Joint eats up 1/2 inch of pipe so you have about 15" of usable space at this point.

Fold 3/8-1/2 inch of the fabric along the long side and sew (hem) to contain raw edges on both pieces
Lay the pieces right side together and sew a 1/4 inch hem along the short sides, creating a ring.
Flip right side out and press flat
Measure 1.5 inches from the top and bottom seams and mark. Sew a seam along the 1.5 mark across the short side to create a casing for the pipe.
Fold the fabric in half and measure 1 inch from the center on the top and bottom. Sew a 2 inch casing for the center support.
Add batting into the large panels if using and lay out a quilting pattern
Pin and do any quilting.
Overstitch the edges closed, securing the quilting if necessary.
Position the background on the frame by sliding the casings over the frame posts. Reassemble the frame as needed.

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